Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation is here!

TS4 includes 14+ hours of mood lifting music, and all 140 tracks were created for worry-free use with our software and brainwave entrainment. More details and samples from TS4 are at: Sounds 4

This latest entry in the Thought Sounds series is a unique one- instead of focusing on an activity (relaxation, studying, etc), it focuses on an emotion: happiness.

Music has a natural ability to make people happier, but some interesting research suggests that music can best impact happiness when the listener is focused on the music with the intention of improving their mood.

The concept of Thought Sounds takes this a step further. Not only do you get lengthily soundtracks composed specifically for mood elevation, but as with all Thought Sounds, we have taken great pains to create music that is suitable as a carrier for brainwave entrainment.

You can use these audio files with any brainwave entrainment protocol, not just mood elevation sessions. For example, you might use this music to lift your mood during a meditation session, or to induce feelings of well-being while working with a focus/concentration session.

For this music to work perfectly with added brainwave entrainment stimulation, it needs to live up to some very challenging standards for musical composition. Once again, Andrew Foust brought his depth of experience and talent as a film score composer to this project. Talking about the process of creating this volume, he said that “some pieces I actually treated like I was scoring a film and would compose to videos of uplifting subject matter. This technique was very useful for me.”

Andrew carefully selected every individual chord using in this music, using music theory to incorporate only the positive feeling tones. And numerous tricks from his compositional toolkit are used in this music to create the sensation of rising and moving upward.

The variety of styles, techniques and instruments Andrew used here, all skillfully executed and perfectly matched to the needs of a brainwave entrainment user, is incredible. The sample reel on the TS4 home page is a great introduction to what he accomplished with this collection- 14 hours of inspiring, uplifting, mood elevating music. Hope you’ll give it a listen-  enjoy!

Learn more about Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation

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