New Year, New Look At Transparent!

The new year is off to an exciting start here at Transparent!

We’ve just launched a redesigned, and to celebrate we’re offering 15% off everything in our store! Just use the coupon code “NEWSITE” during checkout.

Head to the new to take advantage of the sale and check out the new look for the site. We hope you’ll find it brighter, easier to navigate, and completely mobile friendly. The “NEWSITE” coupon offer is good until February 18.

But that’s not all! We’ve been busy in these first few weeks of the new year- releasing the video recording of our first webinar for purchase, bringing a new director of research on board, and starting a Google Plus page.

Recording of “Brainwave Entrainment: Putting Research Into Action” webinar now available for purchase


This package includes every presentation from our first webinar- over 10 hours of video! This program is designed to provide a complete understanding of brainwave entrainment for professionals working with clients, or for anyone who wants to get the most out of their use of BWE. And this recording is eligible for the NEWSITE 15% off sale!

The topics covered during these video recordings include:

  • Brainwave Entrainment Research & Neuroanatomy
  • Using Brainwave Entrainment In Practice
  • Building EEG-Driven Stimulation
  • 11-Part Intermediate-Level Mind WorkStation Instructions

To learn more about this package and all of the topics covered in the video presentations, visit:

Welcome Giovanni Santostasi, PhD as our new Director of Research

Giovanni brings considerable expertise and experience in neuroscience to the table for Transparent. He is a Research Fellow in the Department of Neurology at Northwestern University, and has also worked as an Associate Scientist in the world class neuroscience lab at the University of Wisconsin.

Giovanni has published research in the field of brainwave entrainment. In a recent study, he developed code to automatically detect EEG activity associated with sleep. This information was then used to adaptively stimulate subjects with auditory stimuli, with the goal of enhancing slow-wave activity to improve sleep quality.

One of his goals at Transparent will be to further advance and improve methods for conducting EEG-driven entrainment. We’re very excited to have such an accomplished scientist on board.

We’re now on Google Plus!

One more option to keep up with what’s happening at Transparent:

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