Thought Sounds 3: Relax – Now Available!

The latest result of our collaboration with the incredibly talented composer Andrew Foust is here! Thought Sounds 3: Relax is now available from our website. TS3 logo

Thought Sounds 3: Relax is a large volume of royalty-free soundtracks, meticulously crafted by Andrew with the goal of creating perfect audio companions for relaxation, meditation and hypnosis, while ensuring all of the soundtracks are flawlessly compatible with brainwave entrainment and our software.

For this volume, we’ve divided the 140 soundtracks into 3 categories: light relaxation, deep relaxation, and meditation. One way to think of these categories is that the light tracks might be preferred for an alpha session during a midday break, and the deep tracks could pair with a lower theta session for more detached relaxation. The meditative tracks are ideal for a diverse range of meditation sessions and practices, with exotic and inventive instrumentation to draw the listener further into any mental journey without distracting them.

You can start to hear this rich variety for yourself with the sample reel clip below.  If you’re familiar with Andrew’s work from Thought Sounds 2, then you’ll already be expecting to hear more truly remarkable compositions- and Andrew has absolutely delivered that here. In this clip, you’ll hear parts of 13 different tracks from Thought Sounds 3 in a little over 7 minutes, but the entire collection includes over 14 hours of music!

As with all of the music in our Thought Sounds collections, these tracks have been designed from the ground up for use with brainwave stimulation. That means every one of these compositions had to use minimal percussion, provide a consistent bed of sound without any breaks, and had to stay within frequency ranges best suited for the embedding of brainwave stimulating rhythms using our software.

And once again, we’ve worked hard to create over 14 hours of music that never strays from meeting all of the criteria described above. Our hope is that these huge and varied libraries of music will make it easy for anyone to find exactly the right companion piece for their goals, or the goals of their clients.

It’s a massive undertaking, but we’re continuing to develop these collections of music for specific session goals because we believe that the power of just the right soundtrack to significantly enhance a brainwave session is incredible. The innately soothing properties of thoughtfully composed music, combined with precisely configured brainwave stimulation driving one’s mind to a relaxed, meditative, or hypnotic state, is a uniquely powerful therapeutic tool.

We’re thrilled to have another incredible music collection available for everyone. Learn more about Thought Sounds 3 here: – Thanks very much for checking it out!

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