Interview with Adam on the Brain Matters radio show!

This week, our own Adam Hewett- co-founder of Transparent- was the featured guest on a radio program called Brain Matters, hosted by Dr. Robert Gottesman. Brain Matters airs weekly on the WEI Network, and during each episode, Dr. Gottesman “interviews and educates on all matters pertaining to health, functioning and the brain.”

Right near the start of the nearly 50 minute interview, Adam tells the story of his introduction to brainwave entrainment, and how that propelled him to over a decade of work in the field. From there, he and Dr. Gottesman discuss some of the basics of brainwave stimulation, how Adam’s software works, how the software is being used around the world, and some of the future plans and development goals for Transparent.

We’ve archived the interview on our own site, and you can listen to or download this entire episode of Brain Matters at this link.

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