Theta Brain Waves – Infographic Series Part 5 of 5

Theta brain waves (3-8hz) have been connected via extensive study to many different phenomena in the brain. Research on subjects as diverse as memory, emotion, neural plasticity, sleep, meditation and hypnosis have all drawn links to theta activity. A theta state is associated with stage 1 sleep- very light sleep from which subjects can easily be awoken.

A look at theta brings us to the end of our infographic series, and our wave by wave investigation of the tremendous depth of research conducted in this field over the past 80+ years. In the theta infographic, we’re visually breaking down some of the significant research on hypnotic induction, reduced anxiety, and zen meditation.

Theta Brain Waves Infographic

Thanks for taking this journey through the fascinating science and history of brainwaves with us! And if you didn’t get the chance to do so earlier, check out all of our earlier entries in this infographic series for a comprehensive look at the research linked to each brainwave type:

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