Brainwave A Day Launched

Our first app is now available in the Google Play store, and it’s called Brainwave a Day. It’s completely free, Android only for the time, and you can find it here:

Brainwave a Day

If you’re on a PC but logged into Google when you view that page, you can have the app sent directly to your phone/tablet by clicking the “Install” button.

To be honest, this app is pretty simple compared to our full software. We’re just getting started exploring mobile, and that is part of why we’re offering this app for free.

Our main goal in creating Brainwave a Day was to offer a simple and portable way for newcomers to be introduced to brainwave entrainment. We hope that it’ll allow them to easily explore the many benefits of BWE, while also seeing exactly what research and science it is based on.

We did add a cool option to this app that will interest Mind WorkStation owners- you’ll be able to download the protocol behind each day’s session in the app, in the form of a MWS file. Hopefully that will provide some new templates to use for your MWS sessions.

If you’d like to see more apps from us in the future, we’d really appreciate it if you share this app with others who may be interested, and help us make it a success in the Play store. If all goes well, this will only be the starting point in our adventures on mobile devices!