Thought Sounds 2: Focus – Released Today!

Starting today, after more than a year of intense work and many years of research, the next volume of Thought Sounds is available from Transparent!

Thought Sounds 2: Focus is an incredible new collection of soundtracks from an extraordinarily talented composer, designed to offer optimal audio environments for concentration, focusing, studying and working. And just like with Thought Sounds 1, every single track is rigorously engineered to be perfectly compatible with brainwave entrainment.

The goal with this collection was to create music that is active, engaging and motivating without ever being distracting, to produce the ideal background for focusing and concentrating. Another goal was to offer these carefully constructed soundtracks in huge variety, so that there is something here for everyone’s tastes and to match the exact purpose of any given brainwave session. These tracks are perfect for sessions like cognitive enhancement, focus/attention enhancement, study help- really, anything involving beta!

You’ll find ambient electronic and minimal techno here, along with some beautiful and original guitar and piano arrangements, even classically-inspired orchestral pieces and a dash of world music, plus some “hybrid” tracks featuring a bit of all the above.

You can get a feeling for how much is in this collection, and just how excellent the composition quality is, with the sample reel demo below. Although, only a very small portion of the music is represented here. You’ll hear parts of 12 different tracks, just over 4 and a half minutes in  total, but the entire collection includes nearly 14 hours of music!

Thought Sounds 2 was truly a massive undertaking. We’re thrilled to finally be able to make it available to everyone, and couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product. Adam mentioned to me that he spoke with over a dozen composers before finally being able to find someone who was willing and able to tackle a project this challenging. Fortunately, he did find a musician more than up to the task- we were lucky to have Andrew Foust, who usually works on scores for film and theater, as the composer for this entire collection. He did absolutely incredible work in creating such a huge amount  of music (140 soundtracks!), with tremendous variety, and all while staying within the intensely restrictive criteria for the soundtracks to truly meet the goals of this volume.

Visit the Thought Sounds 2: Focus home page for more details, or to pick up Thought Sounds 2 for yourself!

And check back with Mind Update next Friday, when we’ll be posting an interview with Andrew Foust, all about his background and extensive work on Thought Sounds 2!

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