Beta Brain Waves – Infographic Series Part 2 of 5

The second part of our brain wave infographic series is now online- this time beta waves are in the spotlight! A brief history of stimulating beta activity is included, followed by visual breakdowns of significant data from important research in the field- including studies on verbal/reading skills, academic achievement, fatigue reduction and increased focus/attention.

Beta Brain Wave Infographic

All 4 of the studies highlighted in the infographic above met Dr. Tina Huang’s standards for inclusion in her landmark 2008 article, “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.”

To be included in that review, articles had to be original, full-length journal articles in peer-reviewed journals, and the studies had to be of an experimental design, with outcomes measured using reliable and appropriate test procedures, and with statistical outcomes revealed.

That highly selective criteria means that these studies represent only a portion of all of the work conducted in this field, but are decidedly some of the most significant.

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