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Neuroplasticity Protocol

Inspired by the work of Dr. Len Ochs and Dr. Ruth Olmstead, I came up with this protocol for increasing plasticity in the brain. It is a three part protocol, increasing brainwave frequency for one session, and decreasing for another, similar to the research by Dr. Olmstead for treatment of ADHD/ADD I further enhanced the sessions by starting at delta and using Dr. Len Och’s technique of stimulating ½ HZ above or below the most dominant brainwave for each of the brainwave groups. These sessions are to be done once a week, not on consecutive days. The third session is a maintenance session based on Dr. Och’s protocol of alternatively stimulating a fraction of a HZ above or below your dominant frequency in 2 minute intervals between a 3- 30 HZ range. A video of him describing this technique and its overwhelming success can be seen at MindPlace’s YouTube site. . This session can be done on the days you aren’t doing the Inhibit/ Excite sessions.

The idea is to push and pull at your brainwave patterns, breaking stuck patterns, and to increase neuronal activation resulting in dendritic growth. I believe it will be beneficial for a wide range of conditions as well as general mental health and wellbeing.

You will need the Emotiv Epoc and Mind Workstation Professional or Enterprise for these sessions as they are advanced EEG driven sessions. I have created similar sessions that can be used with Neuro Programmer and Mind Workstation Regular. For those users, the effectiveness of these sessions will be greatly enhanced if the Biooptimization feature is used.

These sessions can be downloaded for free at Transparent Corp’s Community forum or by contacting Transparent Support.

Neuro-Programmer 3 Video Overview

Today we’re releasing a video overview of Neuro-Programmer 3 designed to quickly introduce both the basics of brainwave entrainment, and how to get started with NP3. For those of you who already know the basics: more videos are coming soon, but we hope you’ll check this video out anyway and let us know what you think! For anyone new to this technology and software, this video is a great place to start learning!