TED Talk On Biofeedback

If you haven’t viewed any of the TED videos, you’ve been missing out. There are some really stunning and thought-provoking ideas floating around.

Released this month is a short talk by neuroscientist Christopher deCharms, on the future of biofeedback technology. More specifically, he talks about the use of a rtfMRI, or “Real-time Functional MRI.”

One Comment to “TED Talk On Biofeedback”

  1. David 28 June 2008 at 5:15 am #

    Great site this video come from. The idea we can train our thoughts isn’t new, just the visual interface. I just hope it makes it’s way into the homes of every person rather get cot up by money hungry people like having to go into a business to use it. Money spoils every good thing into a lesser one.

    I can say ted.com videos really has changed my perspective from a bland future to a bright one. Maybe something worth getting off my butt for now, lol

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