Music based on mood, emotions – Pandora for auditory stimulation

Many of us have already become hopelessly addicted to Pandora ( which utilizes the Music Genome Project technology. The idea is to provide Pandora with the name of a band or song you enjoy. From this Pandora will suggest an array of similar musical works for your enjoyment, kind of like an advanced version of Amazon’s product recommendation system.

These days I pretty much rely solely on Pandora to expand my music collection. It’s a fantastic tool for people who are short on hip, audiophile friends.

Today I came upon a new site with a similar concept, but a much different approach, called Musicovery.

Instead of seeding the service with a song or band you like, with Musicovery you choose the mood or emotion behind the music you would like to hear.

Pick somewhere between the moods “Energetic” and “Positive”, and you get songs by ABBA, Prince and Moby. Choose a spot between the moods “Dark” and “Calm”, and you get songs by Portishead, Sheryl Crow and the Cranberries.

Being able to choose the mood of your music is an intriguing concept, and I’m curious as to how people will apply it. Like most people, my musical selections usually tend to more or less match my mood, but there are exceptions. Maybe I’m an oddity, but sometimes when I’m in a exceptionally good or energetic mood, I’ll feel the urge for slower, sappier music. Maybe I’m subconsciously looking for something to balance out all that energy.

There are also some other useful features to Musicovery such as the ability to choose between genres and eras of contemporary music.

I’m disappointed that – like Pandora – Musicovery doesn’t seem to offer the option to listen to the customized stream in an external player. This type of system could be an incredibly useful tool in Mind Stereo. Hopefully in the future we’ll see this, but I understand that such services often have very restricting deals with the ever-nefarious RIAA.

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  1. Heide 24 August 2007 at 12:56 am #

    Great website!!!! I clicked on “world’ and ‘calm’, and up came ….. “Adam’s Lullaby”……. nice song, Adam! 🙂

    Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy reading all of it!

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