Lack of sleep prevents brain cell production, and midday napping strengthens the heart

Recent research reported by the BBC suggests that missing sleep causes the brain to stop producing new cells:

This research focused on a region of the brain called the hippocampus, which is involved in memories. I’ve spoken with many insomniacs who also suffer from memory loss, along with depression and a host of other problems. A short relaxation session can work absolute wonders for these people, and if a normal sleep pattern can be restored many (if not most) other issues simply evaporate. I often wonder how often sleep deprivation is the root cause for many psychological issues people grapple with. Insomniacs aside, most people I know do not get enough sleep.

There was also some recent buzz about a study at the University of Athens Medical School which indicates that a short midday nap may reduce risk of heart problems by up to 64%!

Some employers have started installing special recliners in the office, specifically designed for cat napping. Now all they need is a brainwave entrainment session for that unlucky majority that can’t nap on command. 😉

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